As winter approaches, people are busy buying for space heaters. Wise buyers decide later. They don’t dive into the stores of space heaters unless all the types of space heater are in –stores. These include the ceramic space heater, oil-filled radiation heater, micathermic space heaters and radiant space heater.

Next move? Well, let’s look into their specifications, their cost-efficiency and their performance are just right for you to decide. You might also want to read space heater reviews before buying the most suitable one at

Ceramic space Heaters

space heaterThese heaters are ideal for your small spaces like your bedroom, offices and your personal space. These come in ceramic plates with aluminium heat conducing tool or commonly known as baffles that manipulate the heat distribution in the room. They have fans that spread the warmth around your every corner of your room. Typically, their heating ranges from 60 sq. ft to 150 sq, ft. Users of these would feedback as safe and effective for small spaces other than their cool surface outside.

The advantage of these heaters are their light weight to as light as 3.5 Lbs which make them easy to transport. Aside from this, is the fan built in the heaters allows the heat distribution wider and warmer. But, a disadvantage to asthma sufferers because the sitting dust are collected and are disturbed as the heaters are turned –on.

Oil-Filled space Heaters

oil filled heaterThese are known for their energy efficiency because of their low wattage but with enough heat distributed around the room. The oil in this type is responsible in keeping the heat of the temperature consistent from the start of tuning on until shutting down. These are safe while sleeping at night. No possibility for over-heating and produce no sounds ideal for sound sleeping too. There typical heating range is from 40 sq. ft. to 100 sq. f t.

Micathermic Space Heaters

These are the products of radiant and convection heating advances in technology. These are ideal for personal spaces and small rooms. These heaters are specially designed for asthma and allergy sufferers because of the absence of fans. Their heating range is from 5o sq. ft. to 150 sq. ft. These heaters never get over-heated which make them safe for longer period of using at night. They have the capacity to heat up twice than the other types caused by the heat produced by ceramic.

Radiant Space Heaters

For those users that lack patience to wait for heaters to wait. These are the heaters for you. These can warm your space at the very flip of the switch. These provide instant and more focused heat ideal for heating people and objects in the room. The released heat is likely the same with the heat of the sun that when staying for longer period under this heater, you can feel like toasty.

Just like the ceramic heaters, they are ideal for asthma sufferers for there is no fan that disturbs an collects dust in the room.

Now, which space heater types are best for you? Quotes for their prices and you can get the best buy.